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EC7412/Microcontroller and Interfacing Lab - Programming of 8085 and 8086 Microprocessor is uploaded on 23rd December 2019.
EC7451/Microprocessor and Microcontroller:
                 Slides on Unit I - 8 bit Microprocessor is uploaded on 27th January 2020 - Final
                 Sample programs on 8085 Microprocessor is uploaded on 23rd January 2020.
                 Slides on Unit II - 16 bit Microprocessor is uploaded on 28nd January 2020.
                 Slides on Unit III - Peripherals and Interfacing is uploaded on 13th March 2020 - Final.
                 Slides on Unit IV - Microcontroller is uploaded on 04th March 2020 - Final.
                 Slides on Unit V - Microcontroller based system design is uploaded on 10th March 2020.
VE5013/Embedded C Programming - Assignment I - Deadline - 21.04.2020 (5 pm)
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